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Tarot Notes: Major Arcana 11. Justice

Rider Waite Smith Deck. Tarot Notes: Major Arcana 11 Justice. Enchanted Typewriter Teaches Magic.

11 Justice

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Tarot Sentence:

Upright: Balance weighs with equality.

Inverted: Partiality withholds with favoritism.


Special Guidance:

Mundane: You have just completed a circle of destiny, and a brand new cycle is about to commence.  The present will have to evolve before it can be weighed or judged and time will provide the key to the understanding that you need.

Esoteric: Let tomorrow take care of itself.

Best Course of Action: Wait for time to take its course.

Outcome: Problems will be resolved one by one, and a turbulent time is coming to an end.


Keywords: truth, justice, karma, equality, equilibrium, equity, legal action, contracts, lawsuits, trials, judgments

Reversed: injustice, abuse of power, imbalance, justice delayed, justice denied, red tape, complications

Archetype: The ultimate arbiter, who balances a double-edged sword.

Astrological Sign: Libra

Planet: Venus

Hebrew Letter: Lamed

Element: Air


I am balanced and able to understand the outer manifestations of my inner issues, and subsequently to take the correct action with honor.

I am integrity, committed to looking at life honestly and fairly.

I am awareness; I cut away illusion to discover the truth about myself and the part I play in my relationships.

I am acceptance; I have learned to look clearly at myself, accept the consequences of my past behavior, and move forward with my life.

I am balance, seeking to weigh all factors and see all sides before reaching a decision.

I am negotiation, open to compromise and resolution; I search for win-win solutions.

Gem: Coral, Amber


Eihwaz – Defense

Thurisaz – Gateway



✮ Tarot Affirmations: For Positive Growth and Change by Sally Hill, Ph.D

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