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Weird Kitchen

Sometimes I think I missed my calling as a house re-arranger. The neuro spicy part of my brain questions and questions and questions everything.

Do you have to sleep in a bed?

Do you have to have a kitchen table?

Why can't you eat in the living room instead?

Why is so much home stuff terribly uncomfortable? It is your cozy nest not a showroom that you don't want to touch!

Why can't you put a couch as seating in the kitchen?

That last question led to this...

Will it stay this way? Who the fuck knows. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Probably not. I change the house around at least once a year. But for the winter it means my kitchen is a cozy place. It's the sunniest place in the house this time of year so it keeps moods lifted. I enjoy having a cup of coffee here in the morning.

My house will thankfully never be normal. It's a place to be weird and accepted.

I hope your home is cozy & welcoming as we move into the colder months. 💜💜

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