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I am Klaudia. If you’d like to know more about me, read my story below. It’s written in third person for some unfathomable reason but fuck it, I’m sending it.

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Klaudia’s Story

Klaudia was born into a family of misfits and witches. Every generation that went before furthered the weird until Klaudia was born to be the Ultimate Weirdo. In the spirit of this, she was gifted a Tarot deck for Christmas when she was a teenager. She was hooked. 

Klaudia read every book she could get her hands on. She memorized every meaning and then re-memorized every new meaning and then re-learned it again. Eventually Klaudia got sick of this bullshit. Every author had a different interpretation for each card. It was impossible to remember whether a card was good or bad or meh or whatever. Klaudia became so frustrated that she stopped playing with her Tarot cards at all. 


She spent a few years growing up and growing into herself. When she returned to her trusty RWS deck, all those memorized meanings swirled around in her head, but also, new random information came out when she read. Bits of poetry, cliche sayings, motivational quotes, anecdotes from her life, and many new perspectives. Being a ‘smart person’ she assumed this was just all of the studying she had done over the years finally coalescing into relevant information. Then she began picking up on random bits that she had never studied. A wise mentor of hers explained that what she was doing was Claircognizance: The ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge without knowing how or why theyknew it.


Suddenly shit made sense. Another teacher asked their class this: ‘of all the ideas and thoughts you could have, why is it this particular one that is coming to you at this point in time?’


While Klaudia had been reading Tarot for decades at that point, she always felt like an impostor. She did not have visions like some psychics. The dead do not knock on her door demanding her to share their messages. Angels do not fart their blessings on her readings. She did not train for 74 years in an ancient monastery to perfect the art of card reading. On paper, she’s just a weirdo who hyper focused on Tarot for the majority of her life. 

So who the fuck is Klaudia?

  • A recovering people pleaser. She spent decades trying to fit in until her weird burst forth and demanded she be authentic… or else!

  • A neuro spicy witch. Her brain is wired sideways and that means she sees patterns others don’t. It also means she can’t wear uncomfortable clothes and has serious texture issues with food. It ain’t all roses.

  • A mother to 3 minions. She is first and foremost a feral house witch. The majority of her time is spent raising kick ass kiddos that she is fiercely proud of. Her sideways brain has helped her to love and encourage each of them in their own unique ways.

  • A creative. Klaudia is crafty AF. She paints, knits, quilts, hand sews, crochets, makes jewelry, and so many other oddball hobbies. Her home is overflowing with craft supplies and half finished projects. 

  • A writer and poet. Klaudia has indie published three books under the pen name: Klaudia Grady. She has about a half dozen other mostly finished novels sitting staring at her sadly from the depths of her computer files. They’ll get out into the world…eventually.

  • A wife. She is a certified lucky bitch to have met the love of her life in high school. Yes. They’ve been together for decades, and they still like each other. 

What can Klaudia do for you?

  • She sees the patterns you are repeating and helps you to understand them better. Klaudia can also help you to rewrite the story you are living so you are the heroine.

  • She will probably make you laugh, her brain connects silly things and the results are often hilarious.

  • She can give you the kick in the ass you need to do the damn thing already.

  • She can entertain you with her fiction stories.

  • She offers magic for your home and life with her creations. She makes and designs all kinds of things. Earrings. Baby blankets / altar cloths. Wire word necklaces. Art. Sassy clothing and home decor. Who knows what the hell she’ll make next? 

  • She is a safe space for your ‘ridiculous’ dreams. Klaudia loves to encourage people to do the things that make them feel alive. And if you don’t know what those things are, she can help you figure that out too.

Klaudia’s Books:

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Got questions? I might have answers! Shoot me a message!


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