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13 Wishes for 2024

I found this interesting bit of magic on TikTok.

I will try to find the video & post the link.

You'll need:



Journal or Notebook

Tarot or Oracle Cards


The basic prep:

  1. Write out 13 wishes for the New year on paper you don't mind tearing up & burning

  2. Copy those wishes into a notebook where you can refer back to them.

  3. Cut or tear the 13 wishes into 13 pieces of paper (1 wish per piece)

  4. Fold the 13 wishes & place them in a container

The basic ritual:

Once a day for 12 days (often starting on the winter solstice but start whenever the fuck you want)...

  1. Burn one wish (I am assuming you are a smart adult and know how to burn a small piece of paper without causing danger to you or others)

  2. Pull a Tarot card & write it down. (symbolizing the theme of the month). Day 1's card will be for January, Day 2's card will be February, etc

  3. On day 13, unfold the last wish. This one is your job to make come true.

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