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Short Story 02.13.19

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Admit One Ticket Story Quote

The scooter puttered through the windy streets. It was 9:15 pm but the sun had just barely begun to set. The swirls of summer air tickled her skin as she deftly maneuvered the scooter. She loved nights like this. The wild thing in her chest wanted to howl at the sliver of a moon that arose after the suns descent. She reached her destination and grabbed the violin case from the back of the scooter. It was a comforting weight on her shoulder. The warm night air was punctuated by the discordant sounds of an orchestra warming up. Several different melodies clashed as each musician warmed up in their own unique style. She glanced at her watch. She was right on time. She climbed the winding back stairs until she reached the roof. The moon felt close enough to touch. She opened her violin case and a shot pierced the air. The orchestra was silent and screams cut the air. She deftly skipped down the stairs. No one ever suspected a sniper in a sundress.

Notebook Pen Story Prompt Word Tickets

The prompts for this short story:

  1. 9:15 pm

  2. sniper

  3. wild thing

  4. scooter

  5. summer swirls

Copyright 2019 Klaudia Grady

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