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Short Story 02.08.19

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Admit One Ticket Story Quote

In terms of tragedy, my story gets a middle grade – a C or C minus at best. I may be an orphan but at least I have magical powers. That has nothing to do with this tale but I thought you should know. My friends and I got all dolled up for a night on the town. We were looking hot. We decided to hit the local dive bar. No literally – it’s an underwater bar that you have to take a submarine to reach. It’s the hottest place to party under the sea. The bouncer almost smelled me out. My chimera blood pounded in my ears but the gaudy enchantment I wore around my neck distracted the troll bouncer as it was meant to. We got inside and the place was jumping. The aqua dome overhead sparkled with the light from the disco crystal. Nymphs and Satyrs were kicking up their heels on the dance floor situated on a dormant volcano. Everything was going fine until a Satyr grabbed my ass and my tail lashed out, stinging him with a barb. A riot broke out and a cave troll broke the aqua dome. 400 people had to swim for their lives. Thank goddess mama gave me gills.

Notebook Crystal Coffee Mug Story Prompt Word Tickets

The prompts for this short story:

  1. hot

  2. kick up your heels

  3. orphan

  4. chimera

  5. middle grade

Copyright 2019 Klaudia Grady

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