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Wisdom of the Oracle Mod

I am part of a wonderful Facebook group called Tarot with Scissors. Its a group for modifying Tarot and Oracle decks. Don’t go there if you think altering your cards is a crime. 🤷‍♀️

Yesterday one of the member posted that they had trimmed their Wisdom of the Oracle deck. It looked gorgeous! I have had this deck forever and it is just too damn big. Plus that big white frame just irked the shit out of me. So I decided to do my very first deck mod.

I started trimming with a paper trimmer but my 5 year old wanted to try and she sliced off an extra 1/4 inch on one side. Plus it was hard to get the rounded corners after using the trimmer to cut the straight edges. I attempted an exacto knife… it was dull. So scissors it is!

Scissors worked best.

Co-Create Before

Co-Create After

Chaos and Conflict Before

Chaos and Conflict After

In progress

Deck finished and edged.

After all of the borders were trimmed off, I edged the deck. I separated the cards by the dominant color on the front and then used stamp pads to color the edges. I used dylusions and distress ink stamp pads. The colors came out darker than I would’ve liked. I have no idea if the stamp pads are archival. Considering that I was willing to trade this deck away before and now I LOVE it, I think it’s a win. Even if it falls apart in a year, I can always get a new one to modify. Now I’m eyeing up my other unused decks to see how I can modify them. 😈

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