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Do you hate compliments?

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Do you hate compliments? Why?

Who does it serve for you to block compliments like they are tennis balls headed for your face? I bet it doesn’t serve you one bit. I always used to think that people only said nice things because they had to or because they wanted something. So I hid from praise like it was a poison that would suck the life from me. All that accomplished was it kept me small and made the other person feel bad. You ever try to compliment someone and in return you get verbal gymnastics explaining 100 reasons you are wrong to have complimented them in the first place? Feels like shit doesn’t it?!

Don’t do this to yourself and to those who love you and see the beauty in you.

The other thing I noticed was that if I was good at something, I would get comments like:

‘I could never do that thing!’

‘You are so lucky that you can…’

‘I wish I was talented like that.’

Which made me feel like I was hurting people with my gifts. So I would explain away the 50 reasons why it was NO BIG DEAL. I would wind up comforting the other person so they wouldn’t feel bad that I could do something that they would not do.

Here’s the thing. I believe in the infinite potential of everyone. Anyone can do anything. LITERALLY.

If you want to be an artist, take art classes. If you wish you could write a book, get a notebook and start writing. We live in an age of free information. You can google ‘how do I ____’ and find tutorials for practically anything. The only thing standing between you and that skill you wish you had, is you. No one ever needs to see the failures and fuck ups along the way to becoming proficient at the ‘thing’. You could burn every first sketch or rough draft and it will be as if they never existed. Of course, if you want to see how far you progress… those shitty versions help a ton in boosting your confidence. 😉

Fuck humility. It only keeps you small and the world has enough small people.

Take up a shit ton of space this week and don’t apologize.



Enchanted Typewriter

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