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Social Media Suck?

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Does social media suck for you too? Or is it just me?

Lately I’ve been working on using my Instagram for fun. I post what I’m wearing or what I’m crafting at the moment. Plus all of the crazy organizing I’ve been doing around my house. So far 2022 has been about releasing things that are no longer serving me.

I took a break from posting on my Facebook page because something had to give. I’m back to slinging memes at my followers but I’m being gentler with my self if I miss a day or a month.

Do you remember when social media was for fun? When it was watching cat videos and silly skits? Or even when we used to email comics and jokes to each other? I love running my own business but sometimes the ‘strategy’ that is pushed so hard in regards to social media kills the joy for me. So I’ve decided to rebel. I no longer post at the ‘optimum’ time. I share whatever the fuck I want. I unfollow anything that doesn’t bring me joy. I’ve even stopped using hashtags on Instagram because I no longer care if my content reaches my ‘target’ audience. (Eww. I am so done with feeling like I should trap my perfect clients by using the right bait. Yuck.)

I don’t know how this experiment will work. I may destroy my online presence because the algorithms are unhappy with my non-conformity. We shall see. But I am enjoying the process more. And so far I have actually connected with better aligned clients even if all I’m posting is puppy pictures. 🤷‍♀️

So I have a challenge for you. Ask yourself, who the fuck says? Who the fuck says you ‘should’ do things a certain way?

Be authentic and kick ass this week!


Enchanted Typewriter

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