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Lost and found cards!

I spent half the afternoon yesterday searching for this box and panicking. I checked all of the usual “safe” places I usually lose things on and came away empty handed. Our house is small so there aren’t many places for things to hide.

I yelled when I finally found it (in a storage bin under the bed). This is my very first deck, given to me by my aunt for Christmas. I was thirteen and somehow she knew this was what I needed. It’s a talent of hers. I’ll tell you the story of the obsidian egg another time.

These cards are worn and loved. It’s a basic RWS deck and it opened a whole world for me at a time o desperately needed it. I’m forever grateful for this gift.

Today’s card of the day is XII The Hanged Man. I need to look at things from a fresh perspective. 🙂🙃

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