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I f*cked up.

Updated: Mar 28

Ha! This picture is PERFECT for the way I keep moving forward with my life.

Wow. I did an amazing job of overcomplicating the shit out of my life. This year I've changed my website THREE DIFFERENT times. I moved my newsletter around twice. I started a Mighty Network only to discover that there is no magical technology cure that makes my life flow easily. I have to be my own damn cure and lock the shiny squirrels back up in their playroom.


I cancelled my Mighty Network. Turns out the place I started is where I should've stayed. Wix offers groups and subscriptions. And their classroom platform is much easier to navigate.

I know I've lost people with my movement from place to place. I apologize for the chaos. I kept thinking the next technology I tried would make it easier, instead I spun my wheels, lost money, and exhausted myself.

Fortunately, because I'm a digital hoarder, I never deleted my old site. So that meant switching back has been relatively painless. I'm just cleaning up and simplifying the site a little but my content is still here. I'm moving the Mighty Network classes over here as well. That means I have to whip up a few coupons to send out to my loyal witches who have followed me from spot to space and back home again.

If you don't know, I also opened a physical location. It's The Holistic Dragon in Watertown, CT. So now I can see your beautiful faces in person again. I am beyond excited. This is the culmination of a lifelong dream. I did not expect to be able to open a location for a few years but the Universe stepped in and shortened my timeline in a spectacular way. When opportunity shows up, sometimes you just gotta grab that shit and figure it out on the way down. {Totally a Fool moment in the best way. I am looking forward to learning and sharing with everyone. I took my own advice and FUCKING WENT FOR IT.}

I worked with an amazing coach this year who did a spectacular job at uplifting me until I could stand on my own two feet. I am shockingly confident after working with her. If I hadn't, I probably would've hidden from this opportunity instead of embracing it. A good coach helps you to see how awesome you already are. 🤩

So if you want to be a part of Witchy Club you can sign up for a lifetime free membership by clicking 'Join the Coven' from the menu above. Or you can click this link: WITCHY CLUB

It will eventually be a paid group but not in the next few months as I find my rhythm again.

You can also join the Dragon Coven at that link.

In 2023, I will be teaching a monthly class on mundane, everyday magic. This is the same class I taught over the summer with added bonuses. If you are a member of the coven you can join the in person classes for free or join the zoom. You also get access to the recordings.

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