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Quarantine Chronicles: Day 53

Updated: Mar 28

Dear Teachers,

Thank you.

Thank you for labeling busy work ‘just for fun’ and ‘in case you are bored’. It makes it so much easier to delete and forget. Before it was presented in a way that I always felt I was behind. I do craft projects and play outside with my kids and tell stories and have dance parties in the kitchen and play tag all the damn time. Putting it in their google classroom as an ‘assignment’ does nothing but stress this anxious mom the fuck out. Then rebel mom comes out with a huge ‘fuck the system’ attitude and that’s just not good for anyone.

Burn it all to the ground. – Rebel Mom

Objectively I realize that there are kids and parents who need reminders to play as a family. That makes me sad. But also, I had a full time work at home job running three businesses before this shit went down. You adding bullshit to my kids to do list is getting in the WAY. Every moment I spend deleting emails and helping my kids wade through assignments is another minute I can’t get my work done. Which takes away from family time. So, just. STOP.

Me. All too often.

Teachers, you have value. Your regular classwork is enough. My kids are learning just fine in their own way. Their assignments are either early or late but never on time. They are on wizard time apparently. 🤷‍♀️

They also run away from the computer the first chance they get to go build forts outside or to go for a bike ride… which is a miracle with gamer kids like mine. So thank you for burning them out on screen time. I raise a toast to you. 😁

Also me. All too often.

Mostly I’m just a mom counting the days ’til the end of the school year. So we can actually enjoy spending time together without distance learning getting in the way.

And teachers. I hope you get some real time off this summer instead of being stuck in meetings and planning sessions. 💜

Can’t. Fucking. Wait.

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