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Quarantine Chronicles: Day 48

Updated: Mar 28

This is how my day is starting:

I am attempting to read through a book on marketing. My daughter is in my lap watching YouTube videos about Super Mario.

Life used to be:

Everyday I’m hustling…

Now it’s:

Everyday I’m juggling…

This is a page in my oldest son’s agenda. He spent almost 12 hours yesterday on and off getting caught up on work. I still have to add new work for this week to his planner. I’m a pretty organized person (stop laughing, I am in my own sideways way 😂) and I’m struggling to keep up with this. I’m an adult (again, stop laughing I totally am) and I’m overwhelmed. How are our kids supposed to manage this? 😫

The level of angst I have over my children’s distance schooling is close to the level I had when I was IN SCHOOL as a child.

Fortunately I am now an ‘adult’ and have….

Cheers to making it halfway through the week!

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