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Quarantine Chronicles: Day 47

Updated: Mar 28

Not a bad day. Not a good day.

My oldest started today FOUR FUCKING DAYS behind on schoolwork. As in this shit was due YESTERDAY. (Yup. I yelled. Repeatedly. This is the child I hand write out the assignments for. Zero excuses. Incidentally. He also gets zero game time moving forward. Funny how that works. 😈 #meanmom)

My daughter is…intense…today. An afternoon quiet time and she’s back to the bubbly side of her personality. Thank goddess.

Middle son is conveniently forgetful about school work. As in: Oh! I’m supposed to turn in things marked ‘assignments’??? I’ve done it a hundred times but this time I didn’t know what to do… 🙄

Husband made me go for a drive. He was right. Don’t tell him. 🤣

An hour of driving the car with the top down running bullshit (but socially distanced) errands felt FANTASTIC. I’m much less cranky.

Anyone else’s house loudly announce KIDS LIVE HERE from at least 30 feet away? There are plastic toys everywhere 😳

Check out that filter. Makes this shit look artsy instead of messy. 🤣

I hope you are all surviving well.

We stand together… six feet apart 😘

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