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Quarantine Chronicles: Day 40

Updated: Mar 28

40 days and 39 nights into this madness.

Broke down and bought my kindergartner a tablet. I haven’t seen her in 23 hours. First rule of quarantine is there are no screen time limits…right?

I’m on my 7th box of wine. I think. Everyone is drinking every day, right? #askingforafriend

I’ve changed the schedule at least six times. The sooner I let go of the before, the more likely I will be able to survive this insanity. Time holds almost no meaning here anymore. I’m just as likely to be working on a Saturday morning as a Thursday late night. I just keep sliding my work into the between spaces.

Somehow, I’m always worried we will run out of food. Our cabinets are stocked. We are ok. But the worry is constant. What will be unavailable next? Somedays I feel blessed that I’ve survived a long time on whatever is in the fridge. I make dinners out of weird leftovers and somehow they still get eaten. I’m making my husband bizarro salads without lettuce and he loves them. I never would’ve considered making a salad out of cauliflower, carrots, & celery before topped with cheese and lunch meat. Weird quarantine food is weird.

I am both lonely and never alone. I video chat with my loved ones as much as possible but they are also juggling families and work and homeschooling.

Some of my loved ones have had close calls with the virus. Others have had it and recovered. Others are currently fighting the virus.

It’s been a weird day in a long line of weird days.

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