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Confessions of a digital hoarder...

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

I hold on to EVERYTHING.

I have over 100 gb of photos stored on my computer.

I have graphics that I made for businesses that I have since closed down.

I own 42 domains. Yup. 4-2! I get an idea for a business or a way to expand my business and then next thing I know I am down a rabbit hole on Go Daddy picking out the perfect domain name for that idea. Some of these I've owned for years. Some I bought last week. It's a problem.

Most of this is part of my beautiful Neuro Spicy ADHD brain. I don't SEE this digital mess so it's like it does not even exist! Out of sight, out of mind is a way of life in my overdone brain.

Since 2022 is a Death/Emperor year for me, it's time to brutally purge the clutter in my brain. I've been purging the physical clutter but now the digital clutter has to go now too. I am long overdue for opening up some new space in my world. Even digital clutter is an energy drain so it's time to delete and let shit go.

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