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Tarot Notes: Major Arcana 05. The Hierophant

Rider Waite Tarot, Tarot Notes: Major Arcana 05 The Hierophant

05 The Hierophant

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Tarot Sentence:

Upright: Authority * teaches * with certainty.

Inverted: Control * imposes * with intolerance.


Special Guidance:

Mundane: It’s better to endure suffering or abstention than to be in a position where you’ll have to compromise yourself or your values.

Esoteric: If your mind is filled with all the things it thinks it wants and needs, there can be no room for betterment. For the Higher to enter, some of the debris must be cleared away. Let go of your attachment to the past, feelings of loss, or your old routine; move into the new and unknown. That is where you’ll find your opportunities now.

Best Course of Action: Don’t allow yourself to be pulled under or overcome. Learn to operate in a new way and develop more strength of will.

Outcome: You will be prevented from moving forward or advancing at this time by the “powers that be.”


Keywords: religion, education, knowledge, hierarchies, social and religious institutions, conservative values, discipline, social conventions, tradition, formality, groups, conformity, orthodoxy, obedience, blessing, marriage, alliance, assembly, servitude, mercy and goodness, society, social contracts and agreements, theology

Reversed: judgmental attitudes, intolerance, criticism, fear, guilt

Archetype: The head of a hierarchy that preserves his religious and cultural traditions.

Astrological Sign: Taurus


Hebrew Letter: Vau

Element: Earth


I am inspired and guided by my highest wisdom for the greatest good, finding it within myself and the world.

I am the preserver of family and cultural traditions that provide each new generation with a sense of communal identity.

I am awareness of the spiritual, in touch with a collective wisdom that enriches life’s journey.

I am a teacher, a carrier of beliefs, rituals, and values that underlie personal identity.

I am a bridge between the human and divine, a link with forgiveness and renewal, truth and meaning.

I am a mentor, offering each generation a chance to choose what they will practice and preserve.

Gem: Hierophant

Rune: Berkano – Growth

Berkano Rune, Enchanted Typewriter Teaches Magic


✮ Tarot Affirmations: For Positive Growth and Change by Sally Hill, Ph.D


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