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Tarot Notes: Major Arcana 04. The Emperor

04 The Emperor

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Tarot Sentence:

Upright: Leadership * rules * with firmness.

Inverted: Power * controls * with suppression.


Special Guidance:

Mundane: An opportunity will arrive that could well be the foundation of a very successful future. This will be a very propitious happening.

Esoteric: If your foundation was built correctly, the manifestation will follow. If not, you will have to rebuild or start over.

Best Course of Action: Accept that which is coming your way and don’t delay.

Outcome: You will achieve most, if not all, of your desires, and someone (perhaps a man) will be very beneficial to you or to that which you seek.


Keywords: law, stability, power, control, dominion, authority, protection, reason, logic, confidence, war, conquest, victory, strife, ambition, leadership, power

Reversed: tyranny, abuse or misuse of power, poor leadership

Archetype: The authoritative protector and provider who rules the civilized world.

Astrological Sign: Aries

Planet: Mars

Hebrew Letter: Heh

Element: Fire


I have the willpower, discipline and ambition to take the first steps on the path to meet my highest goals.

I am achievement; I have the power to translate my dreams into reality.

I order and structure my life to create a stable base for my activities.

I define limits & establish boundaries for myself/my world to smooth my relationships & protect my inner authority.

I respect my vision; use my reason to prepare a plan, and act in disciplined ways to achieve my ambitions.

I value my accomplishments, honor my success, and use my experience to empower others.

Gem: Ruby

Rune: Tiwaz – Warrior

Tiwaz Rune, Enchanted Typewriter Teaches Magic


✮ Tarot Affirmations: For Positive Growth and Change by Sally Hill, Ph.D

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