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WTF is Grounding?

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Bare feet on lawn. Enchanted Typewriter Teaches Magic.

Well, let’s look some definitions found with the assistance of Lord Google:

  1. prohibit or prevent (a pilot or an aircraft) from flying.

  2. (of a parent) refuse to allow (a child) to go out socially as a punishment.

  3. (with reference to a ship) run or go aground.

  4. give (something abstract) a firm theoretical or practical basis., instruct (someone) thoroughly in a subject.

  5. place or lay (something) on the ground or hit the ground with it.

  6. connect (an electrical device) with the ground. Grounding is the act of connecting a conductor, or exposed conductive parts of an installation, to the earth. The grounding protects personnel from stray currents that could leak to the metallic enclosures. ... Grounding is the act of connecting a conductor, or exposed conductive parts of an installation, to the earth.

The spiritual definition of grounding is more closely linked to the term Earthing…

Definition - What does Earthing mean? LINK

Earthing is a movement that taps into the electrical energy of the earth. A form of grounding, in earthing, it is believed that Earth’s electrical field transfers to the body if some part of the body touches the earth or touches an object that can conduct Earth's electrical field.

I feel that the traditional meanings of the word Grounding apply as well.

1. Prevent a pilot from flying.

You are the Pilot of the meat suit you are currently occupying. Sometimes your body, mind, & spirit are not in alignment. It means you are trying to fly blind. Grounding helps you sync your body/mind/spirit so you can fly true. 2. Refusing to allow a (child) to go out socially.

Sometimes we have to parent ourselves. Connecting with our higher self is like asking Mom for advice. (In this case, think of a perfect mom who has our best interests in mind even if in the short term it frustrates us). Your higher self is telling you to step back and listen. Short term gratification is not always the answer. (Annoying, but true 🤪).

3. Run a ship aground.

Why does a ship run aground? They are meant to be floating free in the ocean. Let’s be honest, the Ocean is fierce and sometimes dangerous. Sometimes land is the safest place for a ship. Sometimes a ship is so lost they wind up on land. This sounds an awful lot like burnout to me. You are meant to sail after your dreams, but sometimes you get off course. When that happens you can either find safe harbor or the harbor is gonna find you. Guess which one does less long term damage? 🤣 Consciously choosing to find a safe space to retreat and recover is always a better idea. Trust me on this one. 😬

4. To make something abstract, practical.

We are constantly bombarded with information, signs, direction, and distraction. You need time to integrate the things you’ve learned. If you’ve spent some time running from one self help book to the next spiritual practice without taking a moment to breathe, you need to pause. Find ways to incorporate what you’ve learned into your daily life. The sacred resides inside every breath you take and every movement you make. (I’ll be watching you… anyone else singing in their head right now? 🤣)

5. Lay something on the ground.

Seriously. REST is not a bad word! Rest is not failure. Rest is not reward. Rest is required for functioning. Lay down. Stay down.

6. Connect an electrical device with the ground.

A ground wire gives electricity a safe place to go. The earth below our feet has a negative electrical charge, which means positive electrical charges are naturally attracted to it. The earth is our grounding wire. It helps to balance out the energy within and around us in a safe way. Your personal energy needs grounding too. Ungrounded energy is unbalanced energy.

Grounding is a way of balancing the energy within us with the world around us. It is a way of shifting back into alignment.

Need help learning how to ground? Book a private tutoring session for 1 on 1 magic.

Interested in learning how to ground yourself? Check out this POST

Please use your brain. I share random things from the depths of my mind. Everyone's experiences are unique. I make no guarantee of accuracy. When I can, I link sources. Do your own research or consult a professional as needed. - Enchanted Typewriter -

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