Whimsy Lantern 01.20.19

The mysterious cowboy’s name was Violette. He rode his trusty ostrich into town. He was searching for his soul. He’d lost it in a card game to a man named Sparkle. He had spent the last ten years scraping together every nugget of gold he could find. Now he was going to buy his soul back. He strode into the saloon “I’m here to see Sparkle!” No one even glanced his way. He strode up to the bar. The bartender was a young girl, barely ten years old. She smiled at him, a gap in her front teeth. He gave her a hard stare. “Where’s Sparkle?” She spoke eloquently. “He’s in the church, sir.” Violette nodded and strode out. He opened the door of the little grey church and found Sparkle at the front in preachers robes. Sparkle smiled widely at Violette. “So we meet again.” Violette shook the bag of gold at him. “I’ve come to buy my soul back.” Sparkle frowned. “No can do. It’s already been recycled.”


“Of course. Waste not, want not. In fact you probably met the new owner, she tends bar at the saloon.”

The prompts for this story:

  1. Violette

  2. Gold

  3. Sparkle

  4. Cowboy

  5. Mysterious

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