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How to Ground Your Energy

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

A person stands at the ocean at sunset. Enchanted Typewriter Teaches Magic.

WTF is Grounding? See this POST for the definitions.

How??? How do you Ground your energy or Earth yourself?

First I'll give you the most commonly recommended forms of Grounding.

1. Be barefoot outside for at least 30 minutes.

You can sit, stand, dance, or lay down. The best surfaces for this are dirt, grass, sand, dirt, or plain concrete. Gravel, rock, unsealed ceramic, or unsealed brick that is touching the earth also works. These surfaces are conductive and your body can draw the Earth’s energy through them. Non-conductive surfaces like asphalt, vinyl, plastic, tar or tarmac, cut wood, painted or chemically-sealed concrete, or carpet, won’t work. They block the flow of electrons.

2. Go for a swim or wade in natural bodies of water.

Lakes, ponds, rivers, or the ocean. Water is very healing and grounding.

3. Play in the garden.

Get your hands in the earth and surrounded by growing things.

4. Hug or lean up against a living tree.

Trees are deeply rooted in the earth. They take in carbon dioxide and give back life sustaining oxygen. They are beautiful teachers.

5. Go camping and sleep on the ground.

I mean it’s an option. But I like my comfort. I’m a glamper all day long so this ain’t happening from me. 🤣

6. Try natural shoes.

If you don’t like being barefoot. (Or it’s cold AF where you are right now). You can wear natural leather soled shoes instead of synthetic soled shoes.

7. Meditation.

There are many meditations for grounding. They help you balance your energy and move into the NOW.

Stay Weird. Enchanted Typewriter Teaches Magic.
It's time to get weird.

And here’s the part you all came for. Let’s be honest. You love the weird shit that my brain comes up with. 🤣

While I appreciate Nature and all it’s beauty, but it’s not where I find balance and grounding. As in my previous post, I mentioned the odd way I view grounding. Maybe it’s not even grounding that I do and I am open to a different term to use. The point of grounding to me is BALANCE. It is to find things that make you feel safe inside your body so your spirit isn’t trying to exit stage left as fast as possible. As always, use this information however the fuck you want.

1. Dancing.

Nothing makes me feel more alive and centered than shaking my ass. Be offended if you’d like. Dancing is life affirming. It reminds me that my body is my own to do with as I please. I love to light some sage and put on some 90’s hip hop. Songs that remind you of a time when you were carefree are best for this kind of dancing. So turn off the sappy shit that makes you cry, that’s a different activity. Crank up some tunes that make you tap your toes and bounce in your seat. Good bass is practically a necessity. Shut yourself away from others if need be or do this when your home solo. This is not the time to feel self conscious. Shake and revel in the gorgeous form you get to inhabit.

2. Singing.

Pouring your heart out into a song is pure magic. Sing car karaoke in the car at the top of your lungs. Belt out your favorite tunes in the shower. Let some of that pent up bull shit energy go and joyful vibes.

3. Cleaning.

I know cleaning is an activity that we love to hate. But when the restless energy starts building up inside of you, there is a release in tidying up. There is satisfaction in caring for our homes that shelter and protect us. Plus the act of hard housework (scrubbing, rearranging, deep cleaning) can be cathartic to the worries we carry around all the time.

4. Sex.

Orgasms are magic. Great, toe curling sex will move energy around your body like almost nothing else. Pleasure is a great way to balance your energy. A good orgasm quiets the mind, centers the spirit, and relaxes the body. Whether you involve a partner or take matters into your own hands, take some time to get it on.

5. Nap.

Sometimes the hectic energy swirling around us comes from us being exhausted. Balance is the natural state. If you are depleted, sometimes shit gets more intense because part of you is seeking that chaotic energy. Ever written a 20 page term paper at the last possible moment? Procrastinated until panic started piloting you? Yeah. That’s channeling chaos. It’s not a great long term strategy. Try resting more often instead. I know it sounds upside down to rest in order to be in a place to get shit done. Resting calls in replenishing self love energy instead of chaos.

6. Eat.

Good food. Not fast food. Not junk food. Think of a meal you had that nourished you; mind, body, & soul. Often the first memory we think of is a comfort food from childhood or a holiday meal like Thanksgiving turkey dinner. That’s because in those memories and meals we felt loved and nourished. Find a way to nourish yourself like that more often.

7. Laugh.

A baby’s laugh is pure joy. You can feel it through your whole body. Your laughter is just as uplifting. Put on a funny movie. Hang out with or talk with people that you can giggle with. Try laughter yoga.

8. Create.

Paint. Color. Knit. Make cool shit. When you create you are in the zone. Time becomes meaningless. You are existing solely in the NOW.

Grounding is about returning to center. It is finding that still place inside of you where you are not affected by the storms swirling around you. I hope you find a way to find that stillness and peace for yourself. It’s where magic and change are born.

Need help learning how to ground? Book a Private Tutoring session for some 1 on 1 magic.

Please use your brain. I share random things from the depths of my mind. Everyone's experiences are unique. I make no guarantee of accuracy. When I can, I link sources. Do your own research or consult a professional as needed. - Enchanted Typewriter -

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