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Day 54

Updated: Sep 20


Today I got to see my sister for a few minutes. I made her some tea to go. I put it on a table next to my driveway then stood six feet away from that. We chatted for a few minutes with masks on and about ten feet apart. Social distancing sucks.

Marshmallow & Astragalus on the left. Nettles on the right.

She’s been feeling under the weather and when I talked to her last night I offered to steep her some tea….

Let the steeping commence…

And because I’m a good sister, I tried some of the marshmallow/astragalus this morning to prove that it isn’t totally gross.

Shot of marshmallow/astragalus to start my day.

This batch came out much better. The first time I made marshmallow root tea it was…slimey. 🤮

Fortunately my tea making skills have improved. I took a great herbalism class last year and it surprises me how much I use these teas. Some day I’ll be a full on hedge witch, but for now I just brew up some tea. I honestly hated tea before the class. I had no idea how much better loose leaf teas taste. My favorite is chamomile flower tea. I have a jar of chamomile flowers in my tea cabinet and it’s always the first one I reach for. It tastes like spring time. Marshmallow and Astragalus taste like you are chewing on a tree branch but it sure soothes the throat fast! 😂

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